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Ocean Cleaning Service is established in 2015 by a group of fun and easy going youngster, we are proud to say we have serve customer including high end luxury boutique, office with more than 5000sqft and all kind of home including bungalow, condo and HDB. We have achieve more than 1000 mattress and sofa cleaning with proven record & serve more than 1000 home owner and some of our long term partners with property agent as well

Our Commitment

We always believe in providing our client the best before and after service be it big or small project, many time gems, dustmite, bug, odours have been trap on our mattress, sofa which cause us to have skin sensitive, nose sensitive and health issue especially with young kids at home, with us we surely give our best to clean and refresh your house to solve all the issue


Why Should We Clean Our Fabric Furniture 

We love to keep our house clean, Fabric furniture like mattress, sofa and carpet are every home needs. We spent at least 1/3 time on our mattress daily and even our kid and pets spend few hour a day playing on sofa and carpet. Fabric furniture is just like our shirt, can you imagine wearing the same shirt for few hours a day for one whole year without cleaning? Its will contain lots of sweats, dead skin, dirt and dust and will turn into awful stain, odour and bacterial which may also cause our nose/skin sensitive. Ever wonder every morning whenever you woke up having rashes or stuffy nose its because dust & dead skin have been accumulate on our mattress overtime. 

Give Your Fabric Furniture The best Cleaning Ever 

In Ocean Cleaning Service all our staff are local and well trained. we are only using non toxic chemical and eco-friendly cleaning shampoo. We treat every item like its our own, even client request normal cleaning we don't do it, its because we understand every step of cleaning is important to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene. In us every furniture will go through our shampoo brushing process and deep extraction cleaning. When engaging us everything is transparent with no hidden cost or hard sell of product, when you engage our cleaning service included (Odour Treatment, Stains Treatment, Sanitizing, Dust-Mite Treatment, Spillage, Pets Fur, Sweats, Vomit)  After our cleaning its give you a cleaner and hygiene environment for you, your kids and family.

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